Are these meringues really vegan?

Yes, they are made with no eggs, the ingredients are all plant based including the colourings - which is why some vibrant colours (e.g. bright red) cannot be replicated naturally without animal products.

Are your meringues 100% gluten-free and safe for coeliacs?

Yes! When Dianne first created these meringues they were designed as a snack for her clients who had real food intolerances. She ensures that the kitchens, utensils and packaging is 100% safe and free from gluten contamination.

How can these meringues be egg free?

We substitute the egg-white in our meringues for organic aquafaba, which is the watery substance found in rehydrated legumes.

What happens to the legumes that you don’t use?

At this stage, as the legumes are a bi-product of our meringues, we don’t actually use them in any of our products. We donate all of our legumes to a local charity that feeds homeless and people in need in our community.

How do you help our planet?

All of our top lid labels are printed using Soy Ink which is both renewable and biodegradable. We made a conscious choice to only use glass when packaging our meringues as it’s both reusable and recyclable. We also have a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint which is why we don’t offer express posting (find out why).

How does your Jar Drop work?

We love our planet and want to keep it beautiful. To help reduce wastage we’ve created a Jar Drop - you can drop your old Dolce Jars into any participating stockist for $1 (per jar) off your purchase. If you’re Brisbane based pop into the Brisbane Vegan Markets and swap them there.

Are these meringues high in sugar?

No, in-fact the sugar content was a very high consideration in the development of this product.  Since Dianne is a Nutritionist she was looking for a healthy alternative to cake and the usual biscuit that accompany a tea or coffee break.   A serving of 3 of these meringues will equal only 1 teaspoon of (raw organic) sugar. Our meringues are around 10 calories each. Yum!


How do you colour the meringues?

All the meringues colours are from superfoods, eg; pink pitaya, cacao, blue spirulina, beetroot, black goji berries to add some fun and interest (also helps tell them apart in the jars as you can’t smell through the glass). If you have any questions about which colours/superfoods go into which products please shoot us an email to hello@dolceorganico.com!


Are these meringues allergy free?

Yes, this was part of the development of this product, Dianne sees many clients with allergies in her clinic so that was the part of the inspiration to make these.  They contain no artificial preservatives or colourings.  They are gluten-free, egg-free, diary-free, fat-free, plant-based, suitable for vegans and delicious.  This makes them the perfect for kid’s birthdays, school treats or for you when relaxing with a tea or coffee.

Where can I get these from?

We have an online store for the jars (shipping Australia wide) or they can be purchased directly from one of our stockists.


I live in a remote area of Australia, can I still get some?

Yes, as long as Australia Post delivers to your area, you will be able to snack on these little gems.