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The Village Market News

This one is for the sweet toothed folk amongst us who appreciate organic, 'no nasty' ingredients - with cute packaging to boot…


Frankie Magazine

Issue 90 | Eco Directory

Sweet tooths ‘til the end, we make a range of delicious, natural vegan meringues that taste exactly like the real deal. Our Nutritionist Founder makes sure our products are safe for coeliacs and inclusive of as many dietary conditions as possible.


Australian Gluten-Free Life

Issue 20 | Top 10 Christmas Gifts

What looks like a meringue, tastes like a meringue, but is definitely made without eggs? Dolce Organico organic vegan meringues, of course! Made from cruelty-free ingredients with no artificial colours, these meringues come in awesome flavours such as hazelnut and bubblegum.


Lara’s Vegan Kitchen

Dianne draws inspiration from foodies such as Jamie Oliver, Sarah Wilson & Lola Berry. Each of these amazing foodies are trying to change the way we look at eating healthy, real food and make cooking (and eating right) 'sexy' again…