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vegan meringues

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Dolce Organico was founded by Nutritionist and food enthusiast, Dianne in 2017. Dianne has a passion for creating food that is wholesome and inclusive for all dietary types.

Her organic plant-based meringues are free from Gluten, Diary, Egg, Animal Products and Fat. Dianne's meringues are designed to be a guilt-free treat and only have 1 teaspoon of raw organic sugar per serve of 3 meringues.

Organic Vegan Meringues


All of the ingredients in our meringues are cruelty free and sourced naturally. Our meringues contain no artificial colours + our colourings are sourced from organic superfoods such as; Blue Spirulina, Pink Pitaya, Black Goji Berry and Cacao. 

Where possible our flavourings are naturally derived from their original source. It's important to us that each ingredient is ethically sourced.

Want to learn more about our ingredients and sustainable commitments? Head to our FAQ page.


cruelty free
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